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Valentine's | Jin’s Feb 2024

February has been a chaotic month filled with lots of love and I can't wait to share each of these moments with you!


Lifestyle: What I've Been Up To

Valentine's/ One Month

I got to spend Valentine's and our one month (surprisingly the same day on 2/14) with my boyfriend! We made a reservation at this restaurant in Culver City called Juliet, one where I have been wanting to check out. There was a Valentine's Day pre-fixed course filled with amazing food and surprisingly great dessert. I say surprising because I'm not one to order dessert at a restaurant normally as I like to go to get dessert at a different place after dinner but I'm glad this was part of the pre-fixed course because it was such a delight! This was a special night and he truly made me feel so loved with his gifts that proved how much he knew me (hoodie that hoodies, wall, makeup, Cinnamoroll, and more) I loved seeing how emotional he got when I also read him my card and showed him his gifts.


My boyfriend and I made a day trip out to SD and it was so much fun! I forgot how good Tacos El Gordo was and how much I enjoy relaxing at a park (especially at Kate Sessions Park). I truly enjoyed how slow and chill this trip was and the amount of games we played at the park. We played Monopoly Deal, Hwatu, and Big 2 -- all of my favorite games and I'm happy to report that I won the games overall! I haven't had much time to play these games the last couple of months so I was able to find my enjoyment of playing them this month.


Next, I got to celebrate Galentines with my friends throughout this month. One took place in my apartment where I decorated and cooked my girlfriends dinner! It was so much fun to gather everyone and catch up on each other's life. I love having a reason to decorate and celebrate with my friends any chance I get!

I also got to fly over to SF to celebrate Galentine's Day with Stephanie! It sadly had to get cut short a little bit due to a work event happening but I'm so glad we were still able to make this trip work. Our gelatine truly gave me a throwback to when I celebrated Galentine's with her back in 2021, when I had recently broken up with my ex and needed a reason to travel and spend time with her. It was a great Galentine's then and it was a great Galentine's this year as well. I always have so much fun whenever I'm with Stephanie so I'm so grateful to have friends who we never change in our relationship no matter how much time has passed. Memorable moments for this trip have to be working together, pop up Valentine's Day bar, a last-minute concert (funded by Stephanie TY), and all the adventures around SF neighborhoods!

Work - All In

At the end of this month, I had to go to a three-day work event for all employees of my industry of our company in our region. The schedule was packed to the brim and I had no time to rest for most of it but it was truly a great bonding time with my co-workers. It's crazy how much time we spend with our co-workers, yet not knowing who they are and what they are like outside of work but I think this was a great time to truly get to know them outside of their work shell a bit more. I also found it refreshing to talk to more people outside of my bubble and made me more inspired to grow and be better within my career and field.


Lows: Chaos

This month I truly felt like chaos but good chaos? because I had no time for myself and had plans with friends and family throughout the whole month. Although this was truly a month filled with so many great memories, I'm regretful how jam-packed I've made my schedule be because I feel like my body's finally catching up to me as I'm writing this, and not in a good way. I'm hoping that I don't catch a cold and I hope I learn to add more solo times to fully rest and be lazy (something I don't know how to do because my body/ mind makes me feel like I always have to be doing something or being productive).


Lessons: Friends & AI

This month, I've jam-packed my schedule, eager to soak up every moment and lesson life has to offer. One highlight was diving into a new lesson, igniting a sense of purpose and drive within me. Whether delving into a hobby or deepening my understanding of a subject, each discovery adds richness to my life.

But what truly made this month unforgettable was the time spent with my incredible friends. From cozy gatherings at home to impromptu adventures in the city, every moment was infused with laughter, love, and meaningful connections. These experiences remind me of the importance of surrounding myself with good people who uplift and inspire, making each day worth living to its fullest.

I also learned this month the importance of utilizing all of the different resources including AI, which is a huge subject in all categories whether in school, work, or day-to-day personal life. I used chat GPT to write the 2 paragraphs above and although it doesn't sound exactly the way I would write them, I am impressed with the way it was able to create a summary of my request "I want to write about my lesson for this month and how surrounding myself with good people has made it so impactful and make each day worth living hence the reason why I jam-packed my schedule this month."


Songs on Repeat:

Top Songs -

See You Again - Tyler, The Creator, Kali Uchis

My Pick of the Month: Card Games

I mentioned this briefly but I enjoyed playing card games and picnicking at the park! I want to spend more time being outside and enjoying the sun while getting competitive over games haha. I truly want to play more card games whether it is Hwatu, monopoly deal, or others! I forgot how much of a fun activity is to do with friends, especially if we want to switch it up with our usual food hangouts.


This month was truly filled with so many great memories that made me feel so loved.

Talk to you next month,

-- Jin


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