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About the Channel

Jin and Stephanie have always bonded over their love for filming and editing whether they were vlogs, yearly recaps, or just random videos. In this channel, you will be able to find a variety of videos whether they are lifestyle, cooking, or advice. These videos will help you learn more about their personalities and figure out what they are like outside of their blog and podcast. If you are not much a reader of blogs and not much of a listener of podcasts, this platform is the perfect way to get to know them individually. 

Fall in Austin 2023 | Stephanie's vlog

Fall in Austin 2023 | Stephanie's vlog

Welcome to Knowledge Post College's Youtube Channel! Knowledge Post College was created by Jin and Stephanie who both graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara. We met at the start of college and were lucky enough to continue our friendship until the end of college. Now that we graduated and are separated, we hoped that this blog could help us be a part of each other's lives without physically being together. We also hoped to journal our lives so that we can look back in the future. Our purpose is to highlight our highs and lows that we face as we tackle adult life after college. We know how difficult life can get especially in early adulthood but we believe there's always something positive that you can gain out of an experience. We hope you stay tuned and updated as we try to figure it all out. Here we will be uploading new videos on the 3rd and 4th Thursday of every month. Content will vary from lifestyle to beauty to even cooking videos! FOLLOW US ON OTHER PLATFORMS: Website: Instagram: @knowledgepostcollege Podcast: Music: Free Music for Videos 👉 Music by hyejin, kasper - SEEING PINK - Free Music for Videos 👉 Music by Reyrzy - Shooting Stars (ft. Black Jade) - Song: LAKEY INSPIRED - Warm Nights (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link:
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