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Up and Down | Jin’s June 2023

Life is always filled with ups and downs, but this month was a true definition of "life is like a rollercoaster." This month was by far one of the hardest months I've had this year but also somehow the most rewarding. You really can't predict how life will go until you live through it!


Lifestyle: Special Moments

Workday Hangouts

I've been a big fan of keeping my hangouts to the weekend and spending work nights mostly by myself. However, this month, I truly embraced hanging out with friends during the work week. It was honestly quite exciting trying out new restaurants, watching movies, or binging a show together. It was also so nice to have a nice support system I could go to that I could truly disconnect from work (mainly because it's been so busy) and just have a good time. As rewarding as it's been, it's been harder to balance everything from work, personal life, friends, and a good sleep schedule during the work week. However, it's been so worth it and something I want to continue implementing next month while trying to find a better balance.

Family Vacation

Family Vacation to Vegas could not have come at a better time. I'll go more into it in my Lows section but man this month has been rough for me but there was one particular week that hit an all-time low. Luckily, that same weekend was when I had my family vacation, and as stressed as I was about it entering it, it was exactly what I needed at the time. I'm usually a type A, itinerary during vacation type of gal but my family is the complete opposite. We don't plan things out and truly just go with the flow. In this situation, it happened to be exactly what I needed. I was able to truly relax during this vacation because I didn't have to stress about creating an itinerary or even following the plan. I was able to sleep in and go with the flow! Spending time with family, especially on vacation always boosts me with so much energy and love. On this vacation, my brother and I also splurged on a Louis Vuitton bag as a gift for our mom for her early bday present. As much as our mom was proud of us for being able to gift her this, I also have never been so proud. Gift-giving is one of my top love languages so it definitely made my heart warm a little but it also made me feel like my hard work is worth it because I'm able to make money to spend it for the people I love and care about. I was able to enter the work week refreshed and feeling recharged.

Personal Updates

As I was feeling low, I decided to boost my mood by having an outward "glow up" with hair dye, lash extensions, and self-care in general. It's crazy how much a hair color can make you feel like yourself more or make you feel like you don't even recognize yourself. I've always felt that black or blonde hair made me feel more like myself vs. when I had my red hair (that only lasted a month or two) made me feel like it clashed with me. I've been blonde for the past year (with random dark toners in between) but the weird stage at the end before my hair dye this month did not fit me at all. However, I was still not fully ready to let go of the blonde so I decided to do a split dye! I was nervous about how I'd like it but at almost a full month, I can confidently say that I like the hair color so far! I don't know how long the split dye will last but it's something I've been thinking about since 2020, so I'm glad I was able to do it this year! I also got eyelash extensions (supporting my friend's small business) and I always love getting them during the summertime! It's so funny how fast it takes me to get ready in the morning now and yet how many people have commented how put together I looked. I also practiced self-care by doing my first-ever solo movie date! It was such an easy solo date activity to do and something I want to incorporate more next month.


I got a promotion! I know I should only be happy about this but I'm still juggling two jobs at the moment until they backfill my position so I don't think the joy truly hit me yet. As excited as I am for the role, I'm nervous about meeting expectations as well as making good results for both my jobs that I have right now. Luckily, I'm surrounded by so many great coworkers that have been nothing but nice to me with loads of words of recognition such as "This is such a well-deserved promotion." I know it may seem small but I noticed that these words and compliments go a long way for me and helps me build my confidence.


Lows: Stress

The work challenges that were mentioned last month continued this month. The work had piled up a lot this each week and it was really hard to balance two jobs as I was trying to manage my job with the job that I had taken over as my coworker had left. There was one particular week when there was a laundry list of high-priority projects that I had and I was working overtime every single night that week. It also did not help that the weekend prior, I had lost my license while going out with friends. I tried calling the place back but the owners never answered my calls and the place only opened back up on a Thursday. So it was just another thing that I had to stress about in the back of my head. I truly felt like I was drowning and I had a short mental breakdown (a good little cry). I say short because it only lasted 5 minutes until I realized I didn't even have time to waste to cry. After all, I had work that needed to get done lol.

I also was interviewed for the position that I was temporarily taking over because it was the next role I wanted in my career. However, I knew it would be a long shot because I hadn't been at the company for a year and there were so many applicants for the position (I'm assuming many with great resume/ work experiences). It was just another thing on top of everything that I was stressing over as well. As you may know, I did end up getting the promotion but I'm still nervous for what's to come. I also realized how much imposter syndrome I had but I'm learning to overcome it as I reflect on how much knowledge I have about my job. In the end, I'm excited for this next step and the opportunity to grow in the career that I'm interested in.


Lessons: Communication is Key

I mentioned the rough week that I had this month and there was even a particular Thursday that week that was the roughest of them all. I stayed late in the office that night and headed home only to shower and work again. It was also the night that the place I lost my license opened up but I felt like I didn't have time to stop by. If you know me, you would know that I do not like asking for favors for the most part (I'd rather figure it out by myself and not bother anyone) and I find it hard to be vulnerable/ share my hardships. However, there are a few friends that I can lean on in hardships and rough times, which happened to be the case this time. There were a few friends that knew exactly how life and that week had been and when I saw that they were nearby the neighborhood of the place I lost my license, I asked them a favor if they could stop by and check it out. I recognize that when asking for a favor, the receiving end has the freedom to say yes or no. As much as I knew that, I couldn't help but feel let down when they said that they couldn't. I ended up going late at night to check only to find out that they did not have my license. Honestly, as upset as I was, I was happy to know just an answer so that I could plan out my next steps. Also, I knew that this situation in a bigger picture was not a big deal but I felt like it represented me finally being able to reach out for help when needed. Therefore, it hurt a little more when it was rejected.

I was going to leave it at that and let it be but I felt uneasy about the situation. I didn't want that to make me hold grudges against them because I truly did value them as my friends. Therefore, I decided to do the scary thing and communicate my feelings to them. I let them know that I didn't blame them or judge them for not being able to help but it did hurt a little that they couldn't do me this favor. I was appreciative of how well they took it and apologized for it adding that they hope it doesn't affect me wanting to reach out in hard times in the future. I was very happy about the way the talk went and moments like these, made me realize how communication truly is the key. I was able to truly let go and honestly grow the friendship even more from this!


Songs on Repeat:

Top Songs -

free love - HONNE
Steal The Show - Lauv
girls like me don't cry - thuy 

My Pick of the Month: Ikea Beach Tent

I've been using my Ikea beach tent for beach days this month and it's been so nice! A perfect little shade for the bright sun in the summer. I've also loved beach days this month because the weather has been finally clearing up and truly feeling more like summer. I can't wait for more days like these this summer! As much as I love this beach tent, I do want to note that I (and a lot of reviews) found it pretty difficult to close it back up for reference before purchasing lol.


Life will always have its ups and downs but through it, I'm able to gain resiliency. Overcoming difficult moments becomes a good reminder when they come up again that you have the strength to overcome them because you've done it before. I'm sure that next month will continue to have its ups and downs but I'm excited to experience it all.

Talk to you next month,

-- Jin


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