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Turning 24 | Jin’s April 2022

This month I turned 24. Turning 24 for me sounded so old and felt like an awkward age to be at. However, turning 24 has been so amazing so far and I definitely have to thank everyone who made me feel so special this month. This month was definitely one of the more eventful months I have had so far so I’m excited to share all the highs and lows that happened in April of 2022.


Lifestyle: Events, Events, & Events

Happy Birthday

Hot girls cry on their birthdays. I saw this TikTok video that I weirdly related to, which talked about how people cry on their birthdays. I don’t know if it’s the idea of getting one year older, feeling like it’s your special day yet not that special at all or the fear of no one caring about you the way you care about other people’s birthdays. Also for some reason, as much as I love the springtime, something always happened around this time that made me sad around this time in college. However, I feel like I’m finally breaking out this crying on your birthday jinx ever since post grad. Last year, I felt content and relaxed. This year, I felt so happy and joyful on my birthday. I definitely think it helps that I’m pretty happy with where I am at in my life and the people I’ve surrounded myself with. All my closest friends and family made an effort to make me feel special for my birthday. It also helped that my coworkers took me out to lunch and coffee for my birthday, which made me feel extra special. It’s the little things that count! I felt nothing but pure happiness this birthday and I could not feel any luckier.


This month I attended my very first Coachella! I kept going back and forth on this event but I’m so happy that my friend convinced me to go. I got to reunite with my favorite gals and had an amazing time listening to my favorite artists. It was definitely super exhausting but it was well worth it as I don’t remember the last time I also had this much fun.

Boat Ride

In celebration of my birthday, I also hosted my very own boat ride get-together. Not going to lie, coordinating the event was kind of stressful as people change minds, have different schedules, and give mixed responses. However, the event pulled together at the end and I had so much fun. I was happy that I pushed myself to pull this together as I haven’t had a big birthday celebration for a few years. As a floater, I enjoyed bringing my different friendship groups together and seeing how well everyone blended together.

KPC Reunion

The month ended with a reunion with Stephanie as she came to visit me in SoCal. As always, we had so much fun and managed to do so many things together from watching a movie, going on a walk, and going to an arcade. However, I honestly cherished the little things together as well such as getting ready together, doing our night routine together, and listening to music in the car together. I'm so thankful to have a friend like Stephanie who is willing to put in the time and effort to build a strong friendship together.


Lows: Back to Reality

Feeling Empty After Events

Having so many events back to back was amazing, but it hit harder once it all ended - especially once Stephanie went back to NorCal. Going back to the routines made me feel this empty feeling afterward where I wasn’t sad but just confused. I think I just started to question whether I’m just living to look forward to the next big event to happen? I guess I just need to go back to finding the small happiness in the day-to-day life instead of living for the weekends or big trips.

Coachella Cough

After Coachella, I definitely got the Coachella cough and have not been feeling the best. Luckily I’ve tested for Covid twice now and both times it has been negative. It must’ve been all the dust I breathed in at the venue but it has not been fun for sure. However, I think it’s slowly getting better and my voice is slowly coming back since I completely lost it after Coachella. I need to make sure to slowly get back to taking better care of my health.


Lessons: Feeling Loved

Surround Yourself with People That Love You

I believe the reason why this birthday and month have been filled with so much happiness is because of the people I surrounded myself with. All of my closest friends put in their own effort to celebrate with me. I feel so incredibly happy and lucky to have the friends I do because I know that having good friendships does not come easily. I also want to thank my family who always knows how to make me happy and feel special.


Songs on Repeat:

Top Songs -

24 - sundial
Rain Song (Feat. Colde) - Epik High, Colde
Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat) - Saweetie, Doja Cat

My Pick of the Month: Liquid IV

Liquid IV has been a life saver this month to keep me extra hydrated, especially at Coachella. I honestly have loved Liquid IV for a while now but I have not drunk it as much as I did this month. I don't know that I have a favorite flavor but you can't go wrong with strawberry. If you haven't tried one yet - you should definitely check it out!


In a weird way, I started to fear birthdays because of growing one year older. However, this month taught me that there’s nothing to fear and that I deserve to celebrate. As cheesy as it is, I truly think that I’m just growing one year wiser. I’m so excited for the new experiences - whether highs or lows that will come with being 24 as it will only help me grow in the end.

Talk to you next month,

-- Jin


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