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Merry Month | Stephanie's December 2021

Hi KPC Fam! I hope you are starting off 2022 with a bright New Year and had a nice holiday season in December. I enjoyed December 2021 so much that I can’t believe it’s already over! I am still reminiscing and in awe at how fast the month passed, and can’t wait to recap with you on this post -- Stephanie



Not much has changed in my lifestyle in December, but it was very interesting to see my mindset and growth over this month. From a work and professional perspective, this month I was able to meet a ton of marketers and truly just went for the conversation instead of an immediate gratification of a role. I used to stray away from meeting with people too senior or in authority, and would prefer to network with females over males, but this month proved me wrong. I also mustered up my courage and took my first paid sick day (lol!). It may not seem much to others, but the past year I always felt bad for being out without notice, so I’ve only ever taken PTO days. I even timed all my vaccine appointments to be on the weekends. Now a little over a year into my role, taking that first sick day and feeling good about taking it, felt like a growth in mindset. I also came across a situation at work that, a year ago, would’ve totally ruined my mood for days, I’ll speak more about this in the Lows section but I just wanted to share that it was clear to me that I had grown in my mindset when this incident didn’t even bother my evening and I continued to have a good day.

On a more positive note, there was actually this one day I was pretty set on not coming into the office (because no one really was and it wasn’t really strictly enforced upon me), but 2 people pinged me that morning and I spontaneously decided to uber to the office. This was another ‘aha moment’ of growth for me. While I don’t have many friends here, and it’s always tricky at work to know who’s your friend, these two people are enough to make me feel camaraderie and a community here :’)

From a personal life perspective, this month was also where I finally went on my first in person date with someone I met on hinge. Late for others but new to me (I know lol). I’ve always prefered to meet someone organically, so doing this was something out of my comfort zone. The coffee, conversation, and walk, went well. And I enjoyed it for what it was. I don’t see anything more but I am happy to have had the experience and enjoyed the memory for what it is.

This month was in particular slow with work and I decided not to volunteer myself for more work if I didn’t have to, it was nice taking a breather and to end it with a bang I ended up taking PTO days and was able to go on a mini trip with Jin. While it was only ~ 4 days, I enjoyed successfully navigating SFO/LAX alone (I don’t fly by myself often and get lost at airports so this is a plus!) + hanging out with Jin in LA which always reminds me of our fun times in college and long chats + our adventurous trip to Vegas to ring in the New Year. What a lifestyle this month, I had a blast.

[Pictured above^ Fun times and never before posted pics :)]



1. Workplace politics

Workplace politics are inevitable and it was upsetting that one of the ones I had to go through was with someone I work with on the regular and initially felt supported by. I’m not going to go too in depths on the situation, but it was one where it really broke my trust in this person. The conclusion of this situation is more or so my growth in how I perceive things. Had this happened to me 1 year ago, I probably would’ve broke down after the zoom call/work day and be in a sad mood for days. It was comforting that when this situation happened in Dec 2021, that while I was upset, I didn’t carry it with me once work was over. I was only upset when the situation was present but once I clocked out of work, I was able to clock it out of my head. Trying to not let things get to you or linger on your mind is easier said than done, and I am still surprised at how little it’s affected my overall mood once work was over. While I am pretty content right now, I will have to say this situation broke a line of trust in me with this person and idk when I can build it back.

2. Conflicts with parents

Honestly this isn’t really getting to me now that so much time has passed lol but at the beginning of this month I was getting into arguments with my parents about traveling (which I understand from their perspective). I guess no matter how old I get, I will always be their child and while I hate fighting with them, I look back a month ago and at how upset they were to how normal life is with them now. Parents and family is such an interesting dynamic, how we always find a way to forgive and live with one another.

3. Unexpected and hard to control L’s

I’m not too upset about this point because most of it was out of control and just bad timing and luck with covid, omicron, and the holiday season. As Jin and I were about to depart to Las Vegas, our flight got canceled .. and this was canceled when we thought we were going to board. I’ve never had a flight cancel on me before, let alone at the very last minute. I know it’s inevitable to know exactly which flight would be canceled so I am not too upset at it, but I will say that initial experience left me on a go-go-go mode and it was hard to remain relaxed during our journey to Vegas. Then (sneak peak to the New Year lol), Jin’s flight back to LA got canceled, and I was back on alert-mode fearful that mine flight back home would get canceled too. This experience has left me on PTSD mode for future flights and their chance of cancellation and fearful of being deserted at the airport lol. With all of this being said, I am very thankful for my privilege in financial freedom to make quick adaptations and new flights when needed.



1. Reality and Fantasy

This month with the date I had, really had me thinking about reality and fantasy. I was hung up when someone didn’t reach out to me until much later, or giving excuses for others their behavior,, or trying to make ends work about ‘what could be’ with someone I realistically probably am not a match with. This really had me thinking to look at straight facts and reality for what is, instead of daydreaming and fantasizing about what could be. And while imperfect, I am very content with the reality of what December was :)

2. Being happy for others

This month I was able to catch up with an old friend of mine, Sophia and Emily, and it was super interesting to see that we didn’t necessarily pick up where we left off. More or so, we’ve become two quite different people, but we found a way to take our friendship in a different spin, not so much reminiscing all our past memories, but talking about who we are present day. Sophia and Jin both ended up with new roles at the end of December and I am so happy for them. Both have been telling me about interviewing and it’s so gratifying to hear their efforts paid off and that the interviews led to a new role. I came across this quote on LinkedIn (though sadly didn’t screenshot it so now I’m probably paraphrasing it wrong lol) but it was something along the lines of ‘until it is my turn, I will continue cheering others on’. I used to think this was easier said than done, but this month, it was quite easy to be happy for others? Maybe I’ve reached a new level of maturity or maybe it’s easier to be happier for those in my closer circle.

3. Health is Wealth

I’ve heard this saying so many times and health truly is everything. I’m sure many of us value health but I noticed as I was telling everyone Happy New Year, it was always just that -- ‘Happy New Year’. I decided to add Health from now on whenever I say it to someone. Have a happy and healthy new year :), because health really is our wealth!


My pick of the month: AYCE

I swear I ate hot pot like 3x this month and 2 buffets with Jin lol! I am not complaining at all though! I was just thinking about the highlight of my month and it really is having so much food with the people I care about. Prior to this month, I haven’t done much AYCE, so it was just nice being able to have a bit of everything experiences. To more good food with 2022 :)


[Pictured above,^ pretty lights I saw with my family. Adding some color to end this post :)]

I somehow end up writing an essay with these entries even though I try to keep it shorter each time. I hope you enjoyed reading my essay of a post though! I enjoy reminiscing and reflecting with you all about all that does go on in a month. I feel so lucky ending my reflection on a high note because December really was a Merry Month. I have so much to be thankful for, from all that AYCE to my family's understanding and time together during my slower work weeks, to being able to travel with Jin. Life really is about the journey, not so much the end goal, and while I do have end goals in mind -- I'm already very happy with all that I have in my journey right now from time, family, and friends. I wish you all a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

Until February,



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