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Mental Health is Important | Jin’s May 2023

This month truly went by in a storm! As storms do, I think there were some chaos in my life throughout this month. But like how we can see rainbows at the end of a storm, I definitely think there were some highlights throughout this month that kept me going.


Lifestyle: Special Moments

Book Club

Mish, Kelsey, and I started a book club earlier this year but we took a pause in April because of our hectic lives (mostly due to Coachella lol). This month, we brought it back and were able to meet up to discuss our most recent book, The No-Show. I love our book club to not only encourage me to continue reading more books but also the fact that it forces to schedule a cute little hang out each time. We've been doing different activities each time and this time we did a picnic at the park. It was so nice enjoying the sun, catching up with the ladies, and discussing our book.

Santa Barbara

I also got to do a weekend trip to Santa Barbara! This was very special to me because it was also a reunion with my roommates from freshmen and sophomore year of college. We've been wanting to do an SB trip together since 2020 and it never worked out until this month. Although we've definitely grown in different ways, it's nice knowing that we can come together and feel comfortable with each other. I loved doing our favorite acitivities together such as going to SB downtown public market to eat pad thai from Empty Bowls and honey almond crunch ice cream from Rori's. It's so crazy to me how much time has passed but I'm also grateful to have friends I can share these memories with.


I also got to do a weekend trip to SLO for my dad's birthday! I love that his birthday falls on Memorial Day weekend and how it's become a tradition to do a trip somewhere to celebrate. We've been to Joshua Tree and Temecula previously but this year, we landed on SLO! As much as I love my travels with friends, I really treasure any travels I get to do with my family. My dad especially deserves the world and I want to be able to take him traveling as much as I can before he gets older. I will say he looks so good for 54 and can only wish I look as great as him as I grow older. It's always so bittersweet knowing that as you're growing, you're parents are also aging with you. Wishing him all the happiness in the world and hope he continues to stay healthy!


Lows: Work

Towards the end of the month, I've been faced with some challenges at work where my co-worker decided to put in her two-week notice. I was given the opportunity to take over her work load temporarily as we try to backfill her position. Since her position is the one that I want next in my career, I did find it as an opportunity to showcase my skills. I was also honored that my manager felt like she could trust me enough to take over her work load. I think with anything, it definitely came with anxiety and overthinking as well. The idea of having to prove myself as well as making sure I don't fall behind in my other projects still gets me worried. However, I'm trying to be more confident in myself and trust that I can handle it as I've been doing with my work. I'm lucky enough to have team members that support and give me strength. When I mentioned my slight worry, my manager was so supportive as well as let me know that I shouldn't feel any sort of imposter syndrome. Although words of affirmation is not my top love language, I realized that hearing positive reinforcements at work definitely goes a long way for me. I'm trying to work hard while making sure that I don't get burnout. I still am excited to see how everything comes into play next month.


Lessons: It's All About Balance

I finally challenged myself this month and did something that I've been pushing off for a long time. This month was Mental Health Awareness month and my company activated a new program where we can get free therapy sessions! Mental health has always been a topic I've supported, but whether it was laziness or fear, I've never gotten myself to go through one myself. However, I no longer had any excuse since my company made it so easy and accessible. I decided to actually sit down and go through the process of picking out the therapist and making an appointment.

So far, I've had three therapy sessions and it's almost become my Tuesday after work routine. It's really true that the first step is always the hardest. I was so nervous during my first therapy session that I remember my voice shaking a little, but now I feel so calm when talking to my therapist. My biggest reason I think I never took the step to actually book a therapy appointment is because I thought I wasn't "struggling enough" to get therapy. However, I realized we take preventative measures for our phsyical body to ensure that we stay healthy whether we exercise, take vitamins, or eat healthy. Why not utilize therapy as a preventative measures for our mental health?

One big topic I've been discussing was the idea about balance. In life, I realized that balance comes into play a lot. Finding the balance between work and life, finding a balance of personal time and family/friend time, finding a balance of routine and spontaneity. I'm learning that there's never a "perfect" balance, but I can continue to work on what feels right for me each day.


Songs on Repeat:

Top Songs -

Die For You - Joji
Strangers Again - Chelsea Cutler
MUST BE NICE - Rex Orange County 

My Pick of the Month: AMC A-Listers

My friends have been talking about their AMC A-listers pass, which is a subscription where you pay around $25 a month and you can watch 3 movies per week. I finally purchased this subscription to watch the Little Mermaid! The movie was so good and it was so nice having my friends to watch it with me. I'm also so excited for all the different movies coming out in summer. I think this will allow me to have some solo movie dates as well as movie dates with fellow A-lister friends.


As always, this month was a roller coaster. But as I grow older, I'm learning more skills that allow me to feel calm even through the ups and downs. I'm hoping that the weather will clear up more as it's been very gloomy throughout spring so that I can fully enjoy my hot girl summer. I can't wait to see what adventures are waiting for me in June!

Talk to you next month,

-- Jin


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