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Lucky Girl Syndrome | Jin’s March 2023

Although February is only 28 days, it felt like it was dragging on for so long. It might be because a lot of downfalls happened in that month that made me over it. On the flip side, March has 31 days, and it feels like it truly flew by. I always think of four-leaf clovers when I think of March and I think that there was finally some good luck on my side this month after a few months of bad luck.


Lifestyle: Traveling

Joshua Tree

This month I got to go to Joshua Tree to hang out with my friends and celebrate our mutual's birthday. I always love going to Joshua Tree because of how relaxing it is, a true epitome of a staycation. The girls that I went to Joshua Tree with and I have been trying to plan a travel plan together but haven't been able to due to our busy lives. Therefore, when our schedules all lined up to go to Joshua Tree to celebrate our friend's birthday, we also made it our mini vacation travel as well. It's always so nice to take a break and go somewhere out in nature at times.


This month Kelsey and I finally got to visit our friend Taralyn in Arizona! This was my first official time visiting Arizona (the last/ only time I went was a drive to Grand Canyon for a few hours so not sure if that counts). Normally, I'm usually a type-A planner when it comes to traveling but due to my busy schedule/ knowing Taralyn was there as a local, I went without expecting anything. Luckily, my co-worker also sent me some recommendations that I should go to as well, which I had as a backup. It ended up working out so well because it was such a chill yet eventful long weekend. My favorite part was getting to explore the different areas of Arizona from Phoenix to Scottsdale to Gilbert. Taralyn had only lived in Arizona for a couple of months now and it made me happy knowing that she liked Arizona a little bit more after she saw us having a great time.


After having a stressful last two months, I decided I wanted to really take care of myself. This meant that I wanted to treat myself to a self-care day. I took myself to a massage shop and it was my first time getting a massage alone! I love massages but I've always done it with family or friends so it was slightly out of my comfort zone. However, it was honestly so amazing and it took some weight off my shoulders (literally, because I had some tense shoulders going on probably through stress). I don't think it'll be in my monthly routine, but I do think it's something I want to treat myself to more often.


This month marks a little over 3 months at my new company and it feels like I've been here forever. I've already learned so much and faced lots of hardships but excited to see how much I grow in the next 3 months and so on. This month, I had my informal review and I think it went well! I loved hearing that I've adjusted and picked up on things pretty fast because I do like to think those are my strong skill sets. I definitely also feel more pressured to continue performing well and excelling at my work to reach my goals. However, I'm excited to see how my journey pans out in this company.


Lows: Busy Busy Busy

I can't really recall any specific moment this month that was especially low. However, a really common theme this month was being extremely busy. I actually am at the point where I truly feel like there isn't enough time in a day to do everything I want to do in a day including: a good morning routine, finishing all the tasks needed at work, cooking and eating meals, staying fit with a walk or yoga, solo time to journal or read, and getting enough hours of sleep. Trying to balance everything that I want to do as well as stay on top of work has been slightly overwhelming. Therefore, I have been really trying to utilize my digital planner on my iPad more to keep track of important goals for each day as well as everything I want to do break down in a timesheet to see it visually instead of all crowding in my head. I honestly don't see this going away any time soon so I'm hoping to learn how to better manage my time and deal with the ongoing light stress around this.


Lessons: Social Media is a Highlight Reel

This month I realized how much everyone is going through in their lives. I love hanging out with friends and hearing their stories because I truly get to hear both the highs and lows of what they're going through instead of their lives through the lens of social media. I had a talk about this with my friends but I truly recognize that social media really is a highlight reel where you see all the good moments in everyone's lives but that doesn't mean they're not going through hardships. I also am very like this on my social media where I have posts where I look like I'm always traveling or having fun when in reality I'm also stressed out or going through lows in life. Another reason why I love keeping up with this blog is that I try to not only capture the highs but also the lows. It's just a good reminder that social media doesn't give you the full picture and the best way to really know what's going on in someone's life is simply to actually reach out to them to talk or hang out with them.


Songs on Repeat: #TeamSelena

Top Songs -

Back to You - Selena Gomez
Look At Her Now - Selena Gomez
Butterfly - UMI 

My Pick of the Month: Hiking

Mish, Kelsey, and I did a hike to Griffith Observatory earlier this month and it sparked my love for hiking. I always enjoy a nice hike but I feel like I never find the time to do them a lot. However, we were all able to find time to go hiking this month in honor of our book club, Lunar Love. In the story, they mentioned going to the Griffith and we thought it would be fun to do our recap of our book with a hike. The hike was pretty short and sweet but it was perfect as we were also discussing some questions that were at the end of the book. I found it pretty meaningful because we truly got to learn more about each other through these questions that we wouldn't otherwise ask each other. I'm hoping that there are more hikes in my life as well as more fun adventures with our book club.


This month was definitely a huge improvement from last month and moments like these are when I realize how much of a rollercoaster life is. The low moments in life make me appreciate the highs even more, including the memories that I made this month. I'm learning to channel my inner lucky girl syndrome, aka believing that everything will work out for me. I like this idea because I think it's just channeling a more positive energy that will bring great things into reality. I'm hoping that the luck this month doesn't wear out moving on April. I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Talk to you next month,

-- Jin


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