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Life's a Rollercoaster | Jin's August 2021

I feel like August is definitely that in-between month where you’re transitioning from summer to fall. I feel like before post-grad August was the month where I slowly started to prepare myself for back to school while trying to make the most of summer. August definitely feels different now that I’m post-grad but I think I still managed to make the most out of my summer.


Lifestyle: Happiest Place On Earth

This month was a lot about keeping up with my friendships. While some of the month prior was meeting up with people I haven’t seen in a long time, this month was all about keeping up with those friendships. I think this month I felt so grateful for the people that are in my life but I also realized how much efforts friendships take to keep up with. I loved catching up with my friends and getting a sneak peek into their life. Therefore, I also appreciated all the people that took the time to hang out with me as well.

The peak of this month has to be going to Disneyland and California Adventure. I went with my high school friend, Yuri for one of them and it was so much fun. We both haven’t been to California Adventure in years so it was fun getting to ride the rollercoasters. I was glad that she was just as much of a coffee addict and foodie as I am so we grabbed coffee the moment we got there and had a lot of good food around the amusement park. The other time was with my college friends when we had our little weekend getaway in Anaheim. Although it hasn't been too long since I've been to Disneyland, I’ve never been when it was decorated for Halloween so it was cool to see all the pumpkins and orange decors. During the trip, something about the food and heat made all of us get nauseous in Disneyland but I was glad everyone was super easygoing. We just relaxed for a few hours at the park then walked around when we felt better. Still, Disneyland definitely sparks the inner child in you and it definitely felt like the best way to end my summer.

I'll leave this section with this quote:

"The real problem of the world is if too many people grow up." - W. Disney


Lows: With Ups, There Are Downs

This is something I wasn’t sure I wanted to mention because it is pretty personal but it was the only low I can think of so here it is. Stephanie and I got into a little argument this month but I think that’s pretty normal in all friendships. I obviously am not going to talk about why or how it happened but there are a few things I took away from the situation now that it’s been resolved. I realized that:

1. Arguments in friendships usually happen because you care - If I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t even pick a fight because it’s not worth my time.

2. Speaking up about how you feel is important because no one will know unless you tell them but you have to be willing to listen to the other person.

3. It’s easy to get riled up in emotions so it’s also a smart idea to take a step back and come back to the situation later but also re-address the situation so that it’s not swept under the carpet.

Friendships or any relationships are definitely hard. However, I’m learning to become a better friend and person by speaking up, listening, and communicating better.


Lessons: You Got To Do What You Got To Do

This month I took two days off of work for what I call a “mental health day.” I realized it’s been almost a full year since I started working and I feel like all I have been doing is running without taking breaks. However, this month I realized that taking breaks is necessary to keep going and I really appreciated taking time off. However, one thing I still need to improve on is my mindset on these breaks. Sometimes I still feel like I need to “make the most” of the day I take off where I have to get up early and still be productive. However, I think it’s important to be able to take breaks and do what’s best for you whether that’s just lounging around or being productive!


Songs on Repeat:

My Top 3 Songs: A month of K-pop

Weekend - TAEYEON
365&7 (Feat. JAMIE)- pH-1, Jamie
LIGHTS ON (Feat. Arden Cho) - Junoflo, G2, Arden Cho

I actually bumped into Arden Cho and Junoflo at a restaruant this month so it was so cool getting to see them in real life. 


My Pick of the Month: Sunsets

This month, I got to go on a picnic and watch the sunset twice! It was so much fun looking at the sky and spending time with my friends. It also just feels like the best way to end the day. I forget how nice it is to just go watch the sunset and I can't wait to do more of them.


That was the rollercoaster of my August and I can’t wait to see what ups and downs are in store for me in September. At the end of this month, I got to have a picnic and watch the sunset at the park. At that moment, I realized that it was the end of summer and the best way to close it off. Now that pumpkin spice is back (though I’m not a fan of pumpkin spice), I know that fall has officially started. I can’t wait to go back to wearing pants again! See you in September :)

Talk to you next month,

-- Jin


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