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Glass Half Full | Jin’s July 2023

Life always knows how to serve a curve ball but maybe it's also a sign to take a breath and take it slow. Even in bad situations, I try to look at it in a glass-half-full kind of way because staying negative doesn't make the situation any better. Let's take a closer look at how my month went!


Lifestyle: Special Moments

Family Vacation

At the start of the month, I was able to go on a family vacation to Palm Springs and Joshua Tree. I think going to Joshua Tree has become a yearly tradition for me at this point. As I mentioned last month in my blog, I've really come to enjoy my travels with family because of how relaxing and go with the flow everything is. Although it was 110 degrees and dying of heat in Palm Springs, it was so much fun relaxing with my family. Also, Joshua Tree was surpringly so nice with a breeze and I was glad I got to see the stars at night again. Always cherishing my moments with family!

Beach Day Gone Wrong

This month, my friends and I planned a big proper beach day. We started off by getting poke near the beach to eat once we were there but it all went wrong when we entered the parking structure. We circled around for too long until we realized we were not going to find anything. However, it all worked out in the end because we decided to go to our friend's pool at her apartment complex instead. The night then turned into a board game night as we played multiple different games, including 5 hours of Catan (that might be the longest game of Catan I've ever played lol).


I could not miss out on the Barbenheimer hype this month. I was able to see Barbie with my co-workers during work hours because we actually had a partnership with them (as all brands did lol). It was such a fun and exciting time and it was funny because my co-worker kept referring it to how it feels like a "field trip." On the same night, I was able to see Openheimer with Kelsey and it was so nice to see it on IMAX. Overall both the movies were SO good, but Barbie will take the heart for me. I thought it was so cute to see everyone getting dressed up and so excited to go to the movies.


Work has definitely been stressful and a lot of work. I also had my APR and it was such a great way to discuss and set up my career for my next steps. I think talks like these can be so intimidating but also so helpful to think of the bigger picture instead of the day-to-day tasks. I also have been getting really close to some of my new co-workers and it's been nice to have a support system. See below a picture that my co-worker snapped of me because she thought the number of drinks and cups I had at my desk was funny. Who else ends up drinking tons of drinks while they work in the office? I always need my drinks for hydration, fun, and energy at the very least!



This month I got COVID for the second time! I actually had COVID exactly an year ago so I felt like COVID was saying "happy anniversary!" It definitely sucked that I got sick, especially because I had a Vegas trip planned to celebrate one of my friend's birthday. However, I was glad that I did a COVID test and checked because I wouldn't want to spread it to anyone else. Luckily, my symptoms for COVID was not bad at all and felt more like a regular flu/ cold with sore throats and runny nose at the end. I was glad to not have suffered with fever, headache, and losing my sense of taste like I did last year. Whenever I get sick, I really realize the importance of health and how much I take it for granted. Although most times you can't predict it, I think it's always a wake up call to take better care of my body.


Lessons: Everything Happens for a Reason

I obviously was not expecting to get COVID, but indeed it still happened. It really shows how life will always be unexpected. Though I could've been more upset about having to miss out on my friend's birthday, I was able to take this a sign that the universe was giving to fully just rest. Therefore, I made the most out of it and binged on love island as well as get some more work done that I pushed aside. I even did some LinkedIn Learning that I wanted to do but never felt like I had the time to and it was actually so informative? It really inspired me because I'm always a huge believer that I want to keep growing in knowledge even after school but I don't know if I've made the biggest progress (besides learning on the job). I also was able to sleep without an alarm all weekend long and that felt so nice because I literally do not remember the last time I did that.


Songs on Repeat:

Top Songs -

vampire - Olivia Rodigro
lie - Nessa Barrett 
Summer (Feat. BE'O) - Paul Blanco, BE'O

My Pick of the Month: kimchi jiggae

My favorite comfort food is kimchi jiggae and this came in clutch when I had COVID. Kimchi jiggae is just the food that I have to have after I come back from traveling, feeling under the weather, or feeling home sick. I remember back in London I was feeling under the weather and missing Korean food so I made a solo trip to a Korean convenient store that had a restaraunt underneath and feasted kimchi jiggae all alone. There were so many trips where I came back from where the first meal I had was kimchi jiggae. Lots of memories and comfort around this dish!


Life will always give you obstacles, but it's all about how you approach the situation that makes the biggest difference. I think it's easier to look at life in a glass half empty way and blame life for things but there's so much you might miss out on. Through looking at things in a glass half full mindset, I was able to turn a bad situation over and make the most out of it.

Talk to you next month,

-- Jin


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