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Existing in a busy month | Stephanie's March 2023

Happy April, it truly is spring and the fastest year yet. March has been one of the most eventful months for me, and I already know April will be even faster. I already knew March would go by fast with so much planned, but my mindfulness and mental health was something I did not expect (in a good way). March was a month of me learning to carry on with existing, in the busy-ness and madness of the month. Recap to follow -- Stephanie


I had so much planned in both my personal and professional life this month. In a way, I felt like I was back in college where there was always something to do on weekdays and weekends. March was a month where I did so much on the weekdays that I no longer looked forward only to the weekends, I was excited for the weekdays.

Professionally, I started going into the office A LOT more, voluntarily too. It’s been good — I’ve been able to bond closer with my colleagues, attend office events, become a better driver, and because I like to make the most out of my day outside — it’s led to hangouts after work too. The beauty of it all is that none of this felt like a chore. Doing things voluntary truly make a difference, and I’ve been looking forward to weekdays more than I thought I would. I’ve been able to learn a lot at the office too, from finally learning how to use the espresso machine, to fitness classes offered at our gym. March was also the month I launched and wrapped up some of our biggest events and my first webinar here — a busy professional month, but very worthwhile. I can’t believe as I’m writing this, I officially hit my one year at my job today. Time flies and this has been the fastest year yet.

Personally, I had a very filled month too. I started the month with a bang, celebrating my good friend Sadie’s birthday in Vegas. A lot went on and the weekend seemed to fly by. It was also our first official trip. I remember leading up to it, I wasn’t sure if it was worth the discussion with my parents and being honest about where I’m going lol — it was definitely worth it. There’s also something to be said about how good it feels to live with integrity. This was definitely one for the books with Sadie and Pearl. After a short, long, fun weekend — I got to see Masego with my best friend Ashley. On a Tuesday night after work…and I had work the next day lol! When I first heard Masego’s music, something about it, just clicked and vibed. I’ve been following his music since, but he isn’t super blown out yet and deserves so much more attention, but in a way I kind of enjoyed how the concert wasn’t some wildly big weekend event and it made a Tuesday night feel magical. I’ve been playing his music on repeat since. Here’s to great music, vibes, and much needed quality bonding time with Ashley.

What I didn’t expect was to get much closer to my friend Pearl. I always knew we vibed, but this month really heightened our friendship. Sometimes it makes me wonder what would’ve happened if we met in different circumstances, but I also like to believe that everything happens the way it did and I’m where I need to be. This month we did another session of rumble, but what I didn’t expect was deeper bonding sessions and long conversations to follow after. From then working at cafes together to our typical happy hours with Sadie, then shifting to vulnerable convos, to running golden gate park. I’ve always been running on my elliptical for years (until my dad broke it the past weeks lol) but going back to run outdoors intimidated me. Somehow I ran 4.5 miles with Pearl, I’m pretty mind blown here. From deeply within, I cherish the experiences and the friendships of this month.

Family wise, I could improve in this area. I feel like both my weekdays and weekends have been so occupied that when I do spend time with family, it’s also my down time and that I don’t talk that much but use the time to relax together lol. Even though I saw my family regularly, there’s a difference between being together and actually being present. Something I did not expect was having a surprise dinner with my distant cousin, and it went really well! (our shared aunt set us up). We had such long convos that we never had before, and I’m hopeful this is restarting our cousin relationship. Crazy how much you can learn from one another, or nothing at all, and all it takes is someone making the first step.

Physically and mentally, this month has been a learning curve that I did not expect. Perhaps it all started with my elliptical not working anymore lol running every other day has been my workout since 2017. I enjoy it and I didn’t plan to stop. While I’ve always enjoyed classes, this month I’ve been extra open to trying new forms of workout because of the elliptical. In addition to Rumble, I ended up taking classes at the office-a Rally strength and conditioning class, zumba (which I had fond memories of in HS), and running 4.5 miles at golden gate park. I’ve always liked trendy classes like Rumble and Corepower, but to be honest I’ve been closed off on other types of workouts. I didn’t expect to truly enjoy these other classes I took this month, not just to work out and look healthy, but truly enjoy doing them. The run outdoors especially, (which only happened this past week), has really up’d my mental health. I went from not running more than 1 mile outdoors, to 4.5 miles. It has been so eye-opening to me, all that we can do, and the power of the human body and brain — if we set our minds to it.

Lows + Lessons:

Self-confidence and Self-love: I know this entry is sounding like a month of highs, a highlight reel. While it’s true this month was very eventful and full of highs — I had my moments of self doubt. The thing about me as an overthinker, I really think about everything lol. If its attending nightlife events and getting ready, I have both highs of feeling hot with my makeup but also not pretty enough. If its doing physical activities, I have my highs of feeling so accomplished but also my lows of not feeling fit enough. My brain operates in a paradox, where the highest of highs invokes me to think of the reverse. What has been very liberating for my mind and brain this month, is learning to live and exist as things are happening vs trying to plan for everything and solve every uncertain thing on my mind.

Learning to let go and let things exist alongside me as I exist each day. I would and (sometimes still) feel overwhelmed with eventful months, that my brain can’t keep up with the speed of life. When Vegas happened, I didn’t have much time to reminisce before it was time to go to Masego. While I wanted to bask in the memories of Masego, I had b2b office events the very next day. I would feel overwhelmed at how much is happening each day and my brain can stop to pause and keep up. April would be eventful too, with coachella and Jin’s birthday coming up — I was half trying to live in the moment of my march events, while preparing and shopping for April (which I still have not finished outfit shopping lol talk about last minute). Then, I learned to stop trying to have so much control over the situation and just simply exist and enjoy the current moment I have before it slips away.

Lastly, this month was a month of being intentional about who I surround myself with and who I let in my life. I won’t get too deep on this piece (perhaps a better entry for next month to write about) but I had a mix of both good and not so good people for me this month. Continuing to hold dear those who make me feel on top of the world, has made all the difference in how fulfilled I feel day to day.

Closing remarks: I’ll end this entry with this: 1. We can do hard things. It’s amazing what the human body and brain can do when we set our minds to it. 2. Stay intentional about the people around you. 3. Simply Exist. It’s a lot.

My pick of the month: Quality time

I couldn’t choose one specific moment so here is a mix of some of my favorite moments this month :)

I’m so excited and hyped for April. There’s so much planned, Jin included, and I can’t wait to share with you all next month. Here’s to existing and being able to experience moments that matter with intentional people :)

I hope you all have a lovely month filled with happiness. Chat in May!


— Stephanie


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