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Cruel Summer | Jin’s Aug 2023

This month felt like the definition of a fun summer. I feel like I went a little crazy with all the plans because I was compensating for time wasted from quarantining from Covid (which I came to appreciate the rest). Overall, I have no regrets because I had so much fun and made forever memories!


Lifestyle: In My Concert Era

Taylor Swift/ Dominic Fike

I am not normally for concerts during the work week but this month I had a back-to-back concert during the work week. Obviously, I wouldn't have preferred it to be back-to-back like that but it happened that we had bought the Dominic Fike concert for Tuesday night and then later Taylor Swift tickets dropped for Monday night. Luckily, I called off work on Monday so I didn't have to stress about getting ready for the concert while working. I was so excited to go to the Taylor Swift concerts because I had been seeing them all over my TikToks. Fun fact, Cruel Summer was my #1 song from 2022 Spotify wrapped. I was so excited to hear the song live. It truly felt like summer and the concert was too good.

Dominic Fike was also so much fun even when we were so exhausted from the night before. It also didn't help that this Tuesday was the busiest work day because it was the last day for my manager before she signed off for mat leave. There was a lot to catch up and get trained on. I was also just feeling really nervous about my manager leaving, but we can talk more about it in my work section. Overall, Dominic Fike was so good and it felt nostalgic because we saw him at Coachella back in April. It was also nice that we ended up leaving during his last song (we can luckily still hear him as we walked out) and it really helped cut off sometime in traffic so that we could prep for work the next day!


This was a super last-minute event for me! My friend, Crystal had reached out and asked me pretty last minute if I wanted to go. I ended up going and found out that so many of my friends were also going! I was able to meet up with Mish and Kelsey, which was so nice. It was also my first event with Crystal and we were shocked how it was only our first event together. Hopefully the first of many events together! Chainsmokers is also always a good time, especially getting nostalgic while listening to Closer.

Universal Studios

Yuri and I have been planning to do an amusement park together for a bit so we ended up going to Universal Studios this month! I really wanted to check out the new Super Nintendo World and it was so cool to see it in person. I definitely think it was prettier at night time! It was also clutch that it was just the two of us because we were able to just go to the single riders line (because we didn't really care about getting split up) and saved a lot of time being in line! We were able to go on all the rides we wanted to.

Dodgers Game

At the end of the month, Kelsey had invited me to go to a Dodgers Game because her roommate Sara had an extra ticket! I have actually never been to a Dodgers Game because I'm not the biggest fan of sports games but I was down to go for the experience. I obviously had to get the Dodger dog (though it was literally a normal hot dog lol) and beer for the full experience. Overall, I actually had a great time. Charge!


Work has definitely still been a bit stressful, especially with my manager leaving. I was so thankful for all the prep work she had done prior to her leave. However, I couldn't help but be nervous about the unknown, especially because her temp fill had not started right away. Since then, we have gotten a temp fill (who have been with the company for many years prior) and it's been nice getting to know him as well as getting someone to help out! I also got a new coworker (backfill for my previous position) and I was so excited to have another person join the team. I feel like I have been working 2 jobs for a long time so I was excited to finally get a lot of work off my plate (though it's still in the transitionary phase). I also made sure I had created SOP training docs before her start date as well as scheduled daily 1:1 and many trainings once she started to ease into the workload. She's so sweet and she even got me a cookie thanking me for training her! I've truly been getting along with my coworkers more and everyone I work with is so sweet. This month was also the last month for our MBA summer intern and we were all so sad to see her leave. It's crazy how fast you can form bonds at work and we were shocked by how fast the summer has seemed to pass by.

Big Girl Moves

Today Aug 30, I paid off a good chunk of my student debt as the payment begins to start soon. It was definitely the most money I've paid for anything in my life so it felt like a big moment and I truly felt like I was making big girl moves. I'm proud of the hard work I've put in.


Lows: Not Mean To Be


This month I went on a date for the first time in over 6 months. I was actually excited to get to know this person because we had seen each other a few times in group hangouts and I felt like we had so much to talk about all the time. However, when the date actually happened, I realized I was looking for someone with different characteristics and the conversation wasn't as good as it had been previously. But, as always, I take this as one step closer to knowing more about who I want my future partner to be as well as learning more about myself! I will say though, the longer I'm single, the more content I am with being alone that sometimes I scare myself to think that I won't find anyone in the end. However, I'm learning to not worry about that and truly enjoy my life and myself!


Lessons: Be Open To New Experiences

This month, there were so many new experiences for me whether it came to my personal or work life! In my personal life, I was able to experience so many good moments at concerts and I was glad that I allowed myself to be open to going to concerts on a work day as well as be more spontaneous for last-minute events. Most of my good core memories come from all the concerts and had I not been open to the idea in the first place, then these would not have happened. In. my work life, I was able to experience new connections with my new co-workers. It's definitely a bit scary to get to know someone new to the team because you worry about how it'll affect the team dynamic and how well you will get along. My new co-workers both have been so great and impactful this month so I'm so excited to have been so open to getting to know them (though I guess you don't have much choice with work) but also how open they were to really getting to know me! Overall, being open to new experiences in all aspects of my life has been super impactful this month.


Songs on Repeat:

Top Songs -

Paint The Town Red - Doja Cat
Snooze - SZA
bad idea right? - Olivia Rodrigo

My Pick of the Month: At Home Hot Pot

This month for our book club hangout, we decided to an at-home hot pot. I haven't had a hot pot with friends at home since college and I was really excited about it. I forgot how easy and fun it is to host these and I was very happy to see my friends full. I had brought this electric pot from home, which I also had during my college years. I was excited to whip it out and get some use out of it. It definitely felt nostalgic and made me think of my college food hangouts with friends at my apartment. Definitely made me realize I wanted to utilize the electric pot more as well as fun at-home food hangouts.


This month was a lot of events back to back but I would not have it anyway as much as I am now a tired gal. It truly has felt like summer so I'm curious to see if the summer vibes will carry over to Sept or if it'll start feeling like fall. We will have to wait to see but until then, I have truly enjoyed my cruel summer.

Talk to you next month,

-- Jin


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