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Catching Up | Jin's June 2021

Hello and welcome back to my life. Thanks for checking and seeing how my June 2021 went. It’s quite crazy to me that it’s been a year since I graduated from college and it definitely got me reflecting on a lot of different things.

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Lifestyle: Friends

This month I really got to catch up with so many of my friends that I have not seen for years - some literally for like four years. I find it so interesting how much I feel like I have changed personally from back then because I don’t feel like the same person from years ago yet when I hang out with people that I have not seen for so long - it still feels the same. With adulthood, I realized the importance of keeping up with friendships and scheduling out plans since everyone is so busy (especially now that people are all vaccinated and ready to hang out). But, I realized I love low-maintenance friendships where you don’t have to talk to each other 24/7 but it feels the same once you guys actually hang out.

Another favorite memory was going on a road trip to Palm Springs with my friend Kelsey to try Dutch Bros because we’re both coffee lovers. Although the main goal was to try Dutch Bros, I really enjoyed the whole process of the road trips. I also think the main highlights of a road trip are the excitement going there and the music/ conversations on the way.

Me in San Diego


Lows: Dark Nights

This month I struggled with insomnia for quite a bit and it really made me realize how important sleep really is. With everything, I realize how many things I take for granted. I realized once it was hard for me to fall asleep how much I took falling asleep easily for granted. It’s the WORST when your body is super tired but your mind is still awake and won’t let you go to sleep. Usually, when I struggle with sleep some nights, I could fall asleep with melatonin but this time, even that did not help. It lasted for a bit but luckily I think I’ve gotten out of the funk and am slowly getting back to my regular sleeping cycle.


Lessons: Dear Jin in 2020,

This month, I really got to reflect on graduating a year ago. Since I got to catch up with a lot of my friends that I have not seen for years, it also meant catching them up with my life including graduating from college. By talking about my experiences, I realized how much I truly have grown from a year ago. Around this time in 2020, I was struggling really hard with post-grad anxiety and depression. I felt like I have not done enough, am not doing enough, and possibly won’t be doing enough. I was constantly comparing myself to others and scared that I was falling behind. I definitely would not say that I was at the best spot in life. Currently, I wouldn’t say that I am at the exact spot I wish to be, but I am satisfied and happy. I realized that you cannot compare your happiness or success with others and I truly try to live each day in the present to make myself happy. I think it’s hard to look back and realize how much you’ve actually grown but when I started reflecting, I felt proud of the progress I’ve made so far. The fact that I can confidently say that I’m at a much better spot is something to be proud of because I know the journey wasn’t always so easy.

I wish I can also tell Jin in 2020 to not worry as much and enjoy life as it is. Although that’s always easier said than done, I really should have listened to my parents’ advice of not beating myself up for not finding a job and enjoying life because once you start working, you’ll most likely be working for the rest of your life. People always want what they don’t have and in 2020, I wanted a job but now in 2021, I want to have the freedom and time that I had in 2020. But if you’re reading this, take it as a reminder to enjoy the current stage you are in life because it doesn’t mean that you’ll eventually get to the place you want to be at.

This month I liked the quote:

"Life's a beach, enjoy the waves."

As cheesy as this quote is, I think there is some truth to it. Life is so unexpected and will throw some waves at you, but it's all about being able to enjoy it as it comes. I'm learning to enjoy the waves and I hope you are too!


Songs on Repeat:

Green Tea & Honey - Dane Amar, Jereena Montemayor
Hello - JOY
Single Again - Big Sean


My Pick of the Month: Yoga

My favorite activity this month and the last couple of months has been yoga. I specifically really enjoy the yoga sculpt classes from Corepower. It's such a good start or end to a day and I love seeing how much stronger my body is getting. I think I realized how much I love exercising for my health - especially since I am sitting at my desk all day long working from home. I hope this encourages you to find an exercise that works well for you whether that is gymming, walking, or yoga!


Thanks for reading my blog this month and following my journey of reflection. This month I really got to catch up with friends, catch up on sleep, and catch up on myself. I hope you guys had an amazing June and are looking forward to more summertime.

Talk to you next month,

-- Jin


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