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About the podcast

Jin and Stephanie are recent graduates from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Knowledge Post College Podcast is a space where Jin and Stephanie talk about a range of experiences from when they were in college and life post-college. They share their lifestyle, lows, and lessons from each of their experiences. You will be able to get tips, advice, or a good laugh at the very least. Come join the girls in their conversation as they try to tackle adulthood. 

The Start of the Podcast

Jin and Stephanie have always enjoyed having long and deep conversations whether they were about class materials, the meaning of life, or their experiences growing up. They share some similar experiences growing up in Asian-American households, yet share some differences coming from two different cities in California. Jin and Stephanie have known each other since the beginning of college in 2016 and therefore can help recall each other's memories in college during the podcast. You will also be able to hear about their different lives post-college and how they are similar or different from each other. Come eavesdrop in these best friend's conversations about life after college.

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