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Magical Month | Jin’s May 2022

This month, I really feel like my life revolved around one event to the next. I literally had no time to rest on the weekends because it was so packed with different activities and people to see. Therefore, I was able to make the most magical memories that I’ll forever cherish throughout the month of May. Let’s take a sneak peek at my life this month!


Lifestyle: Making Memories

Saying Goodbye to April

The end of April was super hectic as I did my last-minute birthday celebrations. This also continued to early May, so the first two weeks were saying goodbye to April. The month started off with ending my SoCal trip with Stephanie as she visited me to celebrate my birthday. It also was getting lunch and dinner with a few friends as they wanted to last minute celebrate with me for my birthday.

Concert & Reunions

This month I got to go to a Twice concert last minute as my friend had an extra ticket for me. This was super fun and unexpected event that I’m so glad to have experienced. I truly danced the night away with my friends that night, while listening to good music. I also got to reunite with two different friend groups, one in Orange County and one in LA. I loved being able to come together and seeing everyone I haven’t seen in what feels like a while. I got to go out with these two separate friend groups and it was a good time.

Family Vacation

I was able to go on a family vacation at the end of the month during the long weekend for Memorial Day. It was perfect timing because it was also my dad’s birthday. Our family did a road trip to Hemet and Temecula, which was so much fun. We got to visit Diamond Valley Lake, Simpson park, and Temecula wineries. It was also nice because we were able to squeeze in time to have dinner with a family friend that we haven’t seen in a few years. There was so much to catch up on that we spent hours at a boba shop after dinner to talk through everything. Overall, the trip was everything that I really needed after so many hectic events. It was the definition of a relaxing and chill trip.


Lows: Old Habits Die Hard

This month I found myself getting stuck into old habits. I won’t go into details about what those old habits are specifically but it’s hard when you think you made active efforts but you find yourself taking steps back. However, I need to learn that you can always get up again and start again. It also does not take away from all the efforts you made previously.


Lessons: Feeling Loved

Solo Time

I mention this every time that my life gets a bit more hectic. However, I truly do appreciate and value spending time alone. Although I spend time alone a lot during the weekdays, I feel like I need to carve out more time on the weekends when I fully recharge my battery and relax. I get too excited to hang out with as many people as I can, especially on the weekends. However, I know that having chill days alone will also help me be more present during my hangouts since I’ll have more energy.

True Friendships

Hanging out with so many friends this month made me appreciate and value my friendships even more. I know that having strong friendships is hard, especially after college. Therefore, I feel so incredibly lucky for every friendship that I have in my life right now. The friendships I have currently also showed me what it means to be a good friend and I really appreciate that. I used to find it hard to find friendships where people are putting in equal effort, so having friendships who put in so much effort makes me feel so loved. This month taught me that I should value true friendships and that I should stop putting effort into those that don’t care for them.


Songs on Repeat:

Top Songs -

GROWING UP IS ______ - Ruel
Memories - Conan Gray
who hurt you - ROLE MODEL

My Pick of the Month: Hot Girl Walk

This month I have been enjoying my hot girl walks after work. I never work out after work because I find that I never have enough energy to do so. However, I found that I don't need too much energy to go on walks. I also have been loving going to different locations for these walks. I get to enjoy a good view while listening to good songs on my headphones while blocking out what it feels like in the world.


This month was similar to any other month where it came with its own ups and downs. It also came with so many special memories that I don’t take for granted. I always get so sad when events or trips come to an end because I know that I can never experience it all over again. However, I know that I can always look back and cherish the memories. I can also look forward and be excited for more memories to come that I have yet to even create. But, thank you May for a very magical month with people that I love.

Talk to you next month,

-- Jin


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