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Feeling Thankful | Jin’s November 2021

I truly cannot believe that the month of November is already over, which means that we will be heading to our last month of 2021. I still remember being in shock that 2020 was over but it’s almost going to be 2022 soon. I say this every month but time truly does fly by so quickly.


Lifestyle: Friends & Family

Reunion with Stephanie

This month Stephanie and I got to reunite in NorCal to celebrate her 23rd birthday. Whenever Stephanie and I reunite, it feels like we were never separated even though it’s already been at least three months since we last saw each other. Stephanie’s birthday weekend was filled with so many unforgettable memories and laughs with new inside jokes. Check out both of our vlogs that we filmed on our Youtube channel to see more of our reunion!

Reunion with Friends

This month, I really got to reunite with a lot of my friends that I have not seen in forever. While visiting NorCal for Stephanie’s birthday weekend, I got to catch up with my big from my college organization who I have not seen since my sophomore year of college. It was so exciting to catch up and see how much we’ve changed. I also got to hang out with more of my college friends and even got to go to my first Great America experience in San Jose. Surprisingly, I even bumped into my high school best friend in San Jose while we were out to eat dinner. On my way down to Los Angeles, I even stopped by UCSB and got to see some of my friends there. Besides my friendship reunion in NorCal, I was invited to a Friendsgiving that was hosted by my friend Kelsey in LA. Although I only knew a couple of people there, it was a great opportunity to see my friends again as well as make new ones!

Family Time

Thanksgiving is all about spending time with your family and that’s exactly what we did. We started it off by going to a Family friend’s thanksgiving gathering and it was so nice to see everyone’s faces again. Then on actual Thanksgiving day, we had an American Thanksgiving dinner with our immediate family. It’s actually a rare case that we do an American Thanksgiving instead of eating Asian food but it was nice to switch it up. Besides Black Friday shopping that weekend, we also got to go to Universal Studios together! We haven’t been together in years even though we used to grow up going there as kids. I love creating memories and spending time with my family! Therefore, I’m thankful that Thanksgiving was able to give me the opportunity and time to do so.


Lows: Different Parts of My Life


This month, I’ve been reflecting on my relationships with people and I caught myself dwelling on some past relationships. I think with any relationship whether they are with friends, significant others, co-workers, it’s easy to reflect on only the good memories when the relationship seems to be over. I even sometimes doubt myself or catch myself thinking it’s all my fault. However, I know that any relationship requires the effort of both people. Therefore, if I know that I was putting effort into the relationship, I need to learn to recognize that it was not all my fault. I also need to understand that sometimes people fall apart and that’s okay. All you can do is hold on to the good memories but not dwell on the past. It’s okay that some people weren’t supposed to be forever and that they were only meant to be in a season of your life. I’m learning to do that more and I think that’s why I’m extra thankful to the people who are in my life right now who continue to put their effort to check up on me.


November 1st actually marked my one-year anniversary of working at my current company. It’s crazy to look back and reflect on how much I’ve changed. This being my first job out of graduating college, it’s been very meaningful to me. I’ve learned a lot, grown as a person, and improved mentally. However, as time moved on, I’ve sort of been experiencing burnout and feeling less motivated in my role. Therefore, I’ve been recognizing how I feel and trying to create preventative measures to ensure that I find a passion for my role again. I also started to apply to more jobs seriously towards the end of the month in order to practice my interview skills and see what kind of other opportunities may be out there for me. Therefore, there were both highs and lows with my work life even though I’ve included it in the lows section.


Lessons: Confidence

This month I learned that I needed to gain more confidence in myself. I feel like it’s so easy to put yourself down and compare yourself to others. However, there are so many qualities that you have that you should be proud of. For example, I feel like I was really at a low point in my life a year ago when I first graduated from college and felt so behind compared to other people. However, I can confidently say that I’m at a much better place right now not just because time has passed but because I made efforts to use each day to improve myself. I’m proud of myself for actively seeking things that I knew would help me improve mentally, physically, and financially. So instead of putting yourself down, it’s nice to recognize how much you’ve grown as well as the great qualities that you know you have.

I'll leave this section with this quote:

“Confidence comes from hours and days and weeks and years of constant work and dedication” - Robert Staubach

Songs on Repeat:

thank you, next - Ariana Grande
Die For You - The Weeknd
Reckless - Madison Beer 

My Pick of the Month: Theme Parks

This month I got to visit Great America and Universal Studios, so I thought it was perfect for my pick of the month. I seriously love visiting theme parks because it really makes me feel like a child again. Although I’m not a fan of waiting in long lines, I don’t seem to mind them when I’m with my friends and family as we use this as an opportunity to just talk about our lives. I also just am a big fan of rollercoasters and I was excited to experience my first ever Great America as well as my first experience in some of the new rides in Universal Studios.


Thank you for checking in and seeing how my November went. I hope everyone had a great time with their friends and family this Thanksgiving. I can’t believe the next time I will be writing my blog is when 2021 is over. With that being said, I hope everyone can squeeze in more memories in the last month and make it the best month yet.

Talk to you next month,

-- Jin


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